I have always used Canon photographic equipment. My first camera was an old Canon film camera and I’ve kept my Canon IV-HPS film camera because it is one of the fastest, best, most accurate cameras I’ve ever owned.  Magnesium Alloy, sturdy and we hardly find them like that anymore.

I have many Canons in my “arsenal” and I typically always buy Canon professional “L” lens.  On a photography trip, I bumped my Canon 24-70L lens and originally thought I had only broken the UV filter. I used it a little later to do some photography and the shots were great. But, by the time I had returned home, the lens wouldn’t “turn”. It was as if some tiny piece of glass had worked its way into the turning element and was impeding it. So, I sent it off to Canon to have it cleaned and repaired. I learned that it had JUST been replaced by a “newer” model and that they no longer repaired it. I’ve kept it, thinking I’ll find someone to “fix” it because it was one of those “go-to” lens.

A friend had purchased a Tameron model of the same lens. I used it and loved it.  Frankly, I didn’t see any difference between that lens and my previous lens which sold for about $1,400 more. The Tameron Zoom Wide Angle-Telephone AF 28-75mm f/2.8 XR Di LD Aspherical (IF) Autofocus Lens for Canon EOS is pretty awesome. It sells for about 475.00.  Not bad for the price.

As I said, I’ve used this lens professionally and it’s dependable. This is a lesson for all of us, sometimes we may overlook some great little lens simply because they don’t have our “brand” on the side. I will never make this mistake again. This lens can be ordered or purchased at B&H Photo in New York or Adorama. I try to do all my business with them or KEH out of Atlanta.